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Dokdo, the First Victim of Japan’s Aggression Against the Korean Peninsula

12. Chodeung-Daehan-Jiji (1907)

  • 초등대한지지
  • 초등대한지지


Chodeung-Daehan-Jiji (1907)


Uldo is the old Ulleungdo. It extends from 130 degrees 45 minutes to 35 minutes north latitude and 37 degrees 34 minutes to 37 minutes east longitude. Three mountains soar toward the sky. The land stretches some 500li (196km) on all directions. It is abundant in medicinal herbs and forest, and to its southeast is Usando (Dokdo).

* Chodeung-Daehan-Jiji is a geography textbook written by An Jong-hwa. The above passage is found in Section12, Dohoeseungji.

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