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Dokdo, the First Victim of Japan’s Aggression Against the Korean Peninsula

06. “An Incident Has Occurred,” Daehan Maeil Shinbo (May 1, 1906)

  • 대한매일신보

Daehan Maeil Shinbo

“An Incident Has Occurred,” Daehan Maeil Shinbo (May 1, 1906)


An Incident Has Occurred.
Uldo County (Ulleungdo) Magistrate Sim Heung-taek reported to the Ministry of Internal Affairs that a group of Japanese officials had visited the county and claimed that Dokdo, which belongs to the county, was a Japanese dominion and that they had gone here and there and taken a census of the population and a survey of farmland. The Ministry instructed that it would not be entirely unusual that they roamed the area and took a census since they were sightseeing, but it is entirely groundless for them to refer to Dokdo as a Japanese dominion, and thereby, the report left them shocked.

* Daehan Maeil Shinbo or The Korea Daily News was a newspaper first published in July 1904.

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