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“Ulleungdo Scientific Expedition Report (2) by Hong Jong-in,” Hanseong Ilbo (September 24, 1947)


“Ulleungdo Scientific Expedition Report (2) by Hong Jong-in”

During the expedition, we are glad that the entire expedition proceeded well, even better than expected. It must have been due to Heaven’s blessings and the determination of all of the team members in their work that the weather was very calm and clear during the expedition. The Coast Guard of the Department of Internal Security rendered great support by providing its patrol craft, the Daejeon, for the convenient transportation of all the personnel and enormous amount of cargo, for which we are very appreciative.
Projects like this are bound to be difficult without a certain degree of support by the government or public organizations. Full support by the Coast Guard in particular proved to be of great help to the expedition. Moreover, almost all the residents of Ulleungdo joined the hearty welcome we were given and offered tremendous cooperation in XXX ways, including providing lodgings on the island. This made possible smooth progress of the expedition to the end. We will never forget the kindness shown by the friendly residents and the cordial reception of local leaders including the head of the island. The itinerary XXX of the expedition was as follows:
▶ August 16: The lecture unit departed as an advance party in the morning and the main body of the team in the afternoon.
▶ August 17: Stopped in Daegu. Held a lecture at the College of Education under the auspices of the Gyeongbuk Education Association. All members of the team gathered in Pohang in the afternoon.
▶ August 18: Left Pohang at 7 am and arrived at Dodong Port of Ulleungdo at 6 pm.
▶ August 19: Rested, delivered care packages, and held a [lecture] in the afternoon, and [participated in] a nighttime welcoming party.
▶ August 20: Left for Dokdo at 5:10 am, arrived at 9:40 am, and returned to Jeo-dong around 8 pm.
▶ August 21: All units, except for the Medical Unit, were divided into two teams to climb Seonginbong Peak, the highest peak on the island. From its top at an elevation of 983.6m, Team A descended southeast to lodge in Namyang-dong and Team B went down northeast to be put up in Nari-dong.
▶ August 22: Team A left Namyang-dong and lodged in Daeha and Team B left Nari-dong, went by way of Cheonbu-dong, and stayed in Hyeonpo.
▶ August 23: Team A left Daeha, went by way of Hyeonpo, and stayed in Cheonbu-dong and Team B left Hyeonpo, went by way of Daeha, and stayed in Namyang-dong.
▶ August 24: All gathered in Jeo-dong in the afternoon.
▶ During the same period, the Medical Unit spent two days in Jeo-dong, two days in Cheonbu-dong, and one day in Nari-dong. They offered medical treatment to residents free of charge and did research. They also climbed Seonginbong and returned to Jeo-dong.
▶ August 25: Rested [and organized collected materials]. A special lecture was held from the morning at Usan Middle School.
▶ August 26: Left Jeo-dong at 9:30 am, arrived in Pohang at 10:30 pm, and stayed overnight.
▶ August 27: Left Pohang in two parties in the morning and afternoon and travelled via Daegu.
▶ August 28: The main party arrived in Seoul in the morning.
We decided the team would accept the offering of lodging (on the condition of XXX and XXX) and pay all the other expenses incurred during its stay at the island. The availability of food and other commodities is insufficient on Ulleungdo due to the limited access to the mainland. We prohibited any XXX of supplies including food, except for exporting goods produced on the island.

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