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Hanseong Ilbo

“The Corean Alpine Club Dispatches an Expedition to Ulleungdo,” HanseongIlbo (August 3, 1947)


The Corean Alpine Club Dispatches an Expedition to Ulleungdo.

The decision has finally been made to dispatch a scientific research team to Ulleungdo, a lonely island in the East Sea and the easternmost Korean territory. It is this year’s summer project of the Corean Alpine Club. The team will include many eminent domestic academics and leave Seoul for the island on August 16th or the two-week exhibition. It will pass through Pohang on the 18th.
The natural environment and the culture of the lonely island in the distant sea have long been unique. The island has had limited interaction with the mainland because of distance, not only during the war but also since the national liberation in 1945. Sending a stellar research team to make a thorough survey of the island is extremely meaningful, and a wide spectrum of academia is rendering great support for the effort and has great expectations of it. The organization of the team is as follows:
Social Science Unit A (historical geography, economy, archaeology, folklore, and language); Social Science Unit B (socioeconomic status survey); Biology Unit A (flora); Biology Unit B (fauna); Geology and Mineralogy Unit; Agriculture and Forestry Unit; Medical Unit; Fisheries Unit; Meteorology Unit; Media and Photographing Unit; and HQ (general administration, provisions and equipment, and transport)

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