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The Korean Empire’s Jurisdiction Over Dokdo

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Jeguk Shinmun

“There Is No Single Japanese,” Jeguk Shinmun (May 1, 1906)


“There Is No Single Japanese.”
Uldo County (Ulleungdo) Magistrate Sim Heung-taek reported to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, “A group of Japanese officials visited the county and did a survey of the households and farmland, claiming, ‘Japan has occupied Uldo and hence the survey.’” The Ministry instructed, “A census by the Japanese could happen, but their occupation claim is groundless. If matters become very serious, contact and negotiate with the Japanese Administrative Bureau to handle the situation.”

* Jeguk Shinmun was a newspaper first published in August 1898. It was closed by the Japanese in 1910 for promoting the spirit of independence.

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