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The Korean Empire’s Jurisdiction Over Dokdo

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  • Sim Heung-taek report
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  • Sim Heung-taek report
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Sim Heung-taek Report

Sim Heung-taek Report (March 29, 1906)


Special report
Sim Heung-taek, the county magistrate of Uldo-gun (Uldo county) reported to me, (the acting governor of Gangwon Province), as follows:
Dokdo, which is under the jurisdiction of this county, is some 100li (old Korean unit of measurement) (39km) out at sea. A steamship docked at Dodong-po (Dodong Dock) in Uldo-gun approximately at the 5th hour (7-9 am) on the 4th day of this month (March 28). A group of Japanese government officials came to the county office and said, “We have come to inspect the islands as Dokdo has now become Japanese territory.” The group included Oki Island Magistrate Bunsuke Higashi of Shimane Prefecture; Secretary Yoshitaro Jinzai; Tax Office Superintendent Heigo Yoshida; Police Substation Captain Iwahachiro Kageyama; a policeman; a council member; a physician; an engineer; and some 10 others. They first inquired about the number of households, size of the population, land area, and yields and then asked about the size of the staff and budget. They recorded the information as though they were undertaking a general survey (of the islands) and then left. I report this matter for your consideration as it was brought to my attention.

April 29, 10th year of Gwangmu (1906)

Lee Myeong-rae, Acting Gangwon Province Governor & Chuncheon County Magistrate
To His Excellency, State Council Deputy Prime Minister

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