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Dokdo, Beautiful Island of Korea

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Home to approximately 34 residents

Since March 1965, when the late Choi Jongduck became the first
ever civilian to reside on Dokdo, Dokdo continuously has been home to
a number of Korean civilians. Currently, Dokdo is home to
Kim Sin Yeol(her husband Kim Sung-do passed away in October 2018),
25 police personnel, three lighthouse managers and two Dokdo Office staffs.
(As of April 2021)

Coast Guards on Dokdo Entrance to Dokdo’s Residential Quarters

Visiting Dokdo

The number of visitors to Dongdo (East Islet) since 2005 has reached 2 million.
  • A daily average of 500 tourists visit Dongdo (As of April 2021).
  • Prior permission from Ulleung-gun is necessary to visit Seodo.
Number of Visitors by Year
number of visitors by year table
Year Number
2005 41,134
2006 78,152
2007 101,428
2008 129,910
2009 135,376
2010 115,074
2011 179,621
2012 205,778
2013 255,838
2014 139,892
2015 178,785
2016 206,630
2017 206,111
2018 226,645
2019 258,181
2020 89,374
2021.04 13,001
Total 2,560,930
Tourists on Dokdo Tourists entering Dokdo Harbor

Procedures for Visiting Dokdo

Entrance Procedures

Applicant : Make reservations via cruise line company  →  Cruise Line Co. : Entry registration  →  Ulleung-gun : Issue of entry permits


dokdo around image

  • Dokdo can only be entered through Ulleungdo.
  • Operation times, fares, and ports of arrival are subject to change. Please confirm with the respective cruise line companies before making reservations.
  • Entry to Dokdo may be restricted depending on weather conditions, and sightseeing is restricted to Dongdo (East Islet).
  • Permission from Ulleung-gun is necessary to enter Dokdo for purposes other than tourism.
  • For further details, please refer to the “General Guidelines for Visitng Dokdo”.

General Guidelines for Visiting Dokdo