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Dokdo, Beautiful Island of Korea


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  • Dokdo, Beautiful Island of Korea
  • Dokdo’s natural environment and
    climate have important ecological value.

dokdo, beautiful island of korea dokdo's natural environment and climate have important ecological value.


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  • Average Annual Temperature : 12 °C
  • January : 1 °C
  • August : 23 °C
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  • Average Annual Precipitation : 1,240mm
    (Mostly snow during winter season)
  • Typical oceanic climate affected by warm ocean currents
  • Frequently foggy
  • Cloudy for more than 160 days a year
  • Rains 150 days a year


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Around 60 plant species have been found on Dokdo.

Herbaceous Plants:

including the dandelion, oxalis, foxtail, crabgrass, mugwort, purslane, goosefoot, plantain, orzyfolium, arctic daisy, and mauritania


including the black pine, lonicera insularis, wineberry, milkweed, and camelia

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Some 130 insect species including the dragonfly, earwig, locust, beetle, fly, and painted lady butterfly

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Some 160 bird species, including the stormy petrel, streaked shearwater, black-tailed gull, kestrel, osprey, dusky thrush, glaucous gull, black wood pigeon, row, redstart, and Chinese egret

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Fish Species:

including the pacific saury, yellow tail, swellfish, gizzard shad, conger eel, flatfish, sandfish, atka mackerel, black rockfish, and squid


including the abalone, conch, and mussel

Marine Algae:

including seaweed, kelp, laver, and gelidium

Other Marine Life:

including the sea cucumber, shrimp, red snow crab, and sea urchin

Dokdo serves as a shelter to migratory birds, and is essential to the research of island biogeography, since it enables research on the origin and distribution of Korea's animal, plant and marine life.