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Dokdo, Beautiful Island of Korea

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Dokdo is preserved as a Natural Monument,
since it bears great historical and scientific

dokdo is preserved as a natural monument, since it bears great historical and scientific value

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“Dokdo, Korea's Natural Monument No. 336, is preserved as a 'Natural Preservation Area.’”

「Cultural Properties Protection Law」Article 25

Definition of Natural Monument (Article 25)

A monument i.e. an animal, plant, geographical feature, geological feature, mineral, cave, or biological product or natural phenomenon which has considerable historical, scenic or scientific value, which the Cultural Heritage Administration has designated through the deliberation of the Cultural Heritage Committee.

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“Dokdo is maintained as an environmental conservation area.”

「Act on National Land Planning and Utilization」Article 6

Definition of an Environmental Conservation Area (Article 6)

An area designated for the preservation and conservation of the natural environment, water resources, coastal areas, ecology, water supply sources and cultural heritage.

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“Dokdo is maintained as a specified island with a remarkable natural ecosystem”

「Special Act on the Preservation of Ecosystem in Island Areas including Dokdo Island」Article 4

Definition of Specified Island (Article 2)

The term “specified island” refers to any island designated and publicly notified by the Minister of Environment as an island on which people reside in an extremely limited area, but with remarkable natural ecosystems, geographical or geological features, or natural environments, such as Dokdo Island.

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“Maintenance of the the natural ecosystem, utilization of aquatic resources, and research on marine science around Dokdo are carried out in a balanced manner so as to promote the sustainable use of Dokdo.”

「Act on the Sustainable Use of Dokdo Island」Article 1

Act on the Sustainable Use of Dokdo Island (Article 1)

The purpose of this Act is to contribute to the sustainable use of Dokdo Island and its neighboring waters by prescribing matters necessary for the preservation, management, and protection of natural ecosystems of Dokdo Island and its neighboring waters.