Why Dokdo is Korean Territory

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Korea's Position on Dokdo

Dokdo, Beautiful Island of Korea

Why Dokdo is Korean Territory

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  • Subjugation to Usan-guk
  • Sejong Sillok, Jiriji(Geography Section of the Annals of King Sejong’s Reign)
  • Passage License to Takeshima (Ulleungdo)
  • Abduction of An Yong-bok by Japanese Fishermen
  • Instruction to Inspect Ulleungdo
  • The Tottori-han’s Submission
  • January, Order Banning Passage to Ulleungdo
  • May, An Yong-bok’s Voyage to Japan
  • Dong'guk Munheon Bigo(Reference Compilation of Documents on Korea)
  • A Confidential Inquiry into the Particulars of Korea’s Foreign Relations
  • The Dajōkan Order
  • Imperial Decree No. 41
  • The Shimane Prefecture Public Notice No. 40
  • March, Magistrate Sim Heung-taek’s Report  /  May, Uijeongbu Directive No. 3
  • January 29, SCAPIN 677  /  June 22, SCAPIN 1033
  • Conclusion of the Treaty of Peace with Japan

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